Cornelius the Centurion

The Roman Empire conquered most of the territory around the Mediterranean and into northern Europe, extending as far as Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. Centurions like Cornelius enforced discipline in the Roman army and enabled them to establish the Roman Peace (Pax Romana) across their domain.

Jesus was born under Roman rule and, after he rose, the Good News was able to spread quickly through the Roman world — carried on ships and across Roman roads. Because of Jesus Christ, the message of God’s forgiveness of sins was extended to all people and Cornelius the Centurion became one of the first of the gentiles to become part of God’s family.

We used the following non-standard pieces to create Cornelius.

Learn more about the Roman world and the spread of Christianity in Tapestry of Grace, Year 1, Unit 4.

Cornelius the Centurion

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