Are you looking for a program that will challenge your students, helping them realize their full potential? Do you wonder whether you — as their primary teacher — will be able to help them achieve this goal? Should you have to choose between academic excellence and biblical faithfulness?

“This is Where We Stop Homeschooling”

TAPESTRY of GRACE was developed by a homeschool family just like yours. We have struggled with the same questions that you do. Out of this struggle, TAPESTRY was born. When speaking to other homeschool parents, Marcia Somerville, mother of six children and lead author of TAPESTRY, often tells the story of the night that she decided to stop homeschooling.

One night, I greeted my husband at the door with these words: “This is where we stop homeschooling.”

I meant it. I had six children, ranging from grades K-8, and I was trying to plan, implement, correct, and record 150 lessons a week.

My vision was to give my children the rich educational experience I had enjoyed, yet I wasn’t even meeting basic requirements. Daily, I felt condemnation, guilt, and anxiety as I threw workbooks at them and tried to believe that somehow they would teach themselves independently. My solution was to quit. But God had a better idea.

My husband, Scott, who was then an attorney engaged in defending homeschoolers. He quietly pointed out that quitting would be difficult to explain. “I’m not going to sacrifice my children’s education on the altar of your career!” I stated. It was a “marital moment.” But, Scott and I were both committed to the same goals for our children and their education. As we thought about our experience of homeschool, we loved so many aspects of it — the family unity, the friendships our children were forming with us and each other, the love for God that we saw in their lives, their love of learning — and we wanted to keep going. But how?

Through prayer, the encouragement of more experienced women, and circumstances (I had a classics-based education at a top prep school and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History from the Ivy-League institution, Dartmouth College), God led me to redefine my priorities, change my methods, and persevere in well-doing.

The result was a curriculum that brought together sound educational methods and fulfilled my hopes for my children’s education. As I led a local co-op, I saw that this plan had great flexibility, yet offered real help to moms dreaming of a Christian, integrated, meaty, classics-based, worldview-oriented whole-family program for their homeschool.

My prayer is that God will used TAPESTRY to bless and empower you as He has me.

Deeply Rooted and Well Watered

One of the many reasons that TAPESTRY is special is because of the people who have poured their time and energy into putting it on paper. The authors of TAPESTRY have degrees in History from Dartmouth College, degrees in Philosophy from Dartmouth College, degrees in Law from Harvard, degrees in Literature from Patrick Henry College, and more. We are committed to pursuing academic excellence in the materials we choose to study and the manner in which the materials are presented.

More importantly, each of the lead authors and all of the significant contributors to TAPESTRY of GRACE have demonstrated a sincere, genuine, personal faith in Jesus Christ. This meeting of academic credentials and Christian faith has resulted in a Christian that looks the great questions of life in the eye and seeks to understand and engage all of history fairly and lovingly, helping students think through God’s purposes without downplaying or ignoring the realities of a rebellious world.

Solid Core Curriculum, Engaging Electives

How do we do this? Our core unit studies integrate History, Literature, Church History, alongside focused studies in Geography, hands-on activities, and studies of developments in the Arts. Our Writing program complements these studies, helping students read widely, think deeply, and write clearly. These subjects are taught from whole, living books for K-12 students. Reading from multiple books helps students learn to integrate ideas from several different sources, rather than simply repeat facts. Our entire approach emphasizes the importance of learning to reason well, using the lessons of history to teach wisdom.

For older students, we offer academically rigorous assignments in Literature, challenging students to read and think about the worldviews that are presented by authors in the great works of literature throughout the years.

As electives, we offer studies in Philosophy and Government. These advanced courses lead you and your students through a thoughtful exploration of the Great Conversation. Learn more about the topics covered in each of our year plans by exploring our curriculum further.

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