TAPESTRY of GRACE is a fantastic, award-winning humanities program. But, even more than that, it is a worldview program. TAPESTRY teaches students to thoughtfully evaluate the world they live in.

The Reason We Teach

As parents we want to give our students the tools they will need for life. We want to give them skills that they can use to provide for their families, help others, make a difference, and understand their purpose in life. But, in addition to practical skills, we need to give our students a “place to stand” intellectually.

The Greek inventor Archimedes famously said, “Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough, and I will move the world!” In TAPESTRY of GRACE, we help you give your student a solid understanding of the world so that they can apply their skills to the greatest effect. In essence, we seek to help them a understand the¬†biblical worldview.

What is a Worldview?

Not sure what a worldview is? Simply put, it’s a way of putting everything in life in context with everything else. Not all worldviews are equal. Worldviews may or may not make sense. They may or may not be consistent and logical.

As Christians, we want to think well, making good use of the gifts and abilities that God has given us. One of our primary goals for our students is that they would grow up to be wise and able to skillfully evaluate their decisions and choices. This means that they need a worldview that accurately reflects the world and enables them to live skillfully within it.

What is a Biblical Worldview?

What does it mean to have a biblical worldview? One answer is that we view everything in our life through the lens of the Bible and we evaluate everything according to what it teaches. We believe that the Bible speaks comprehensively to all aspects of life and that it establishes principles for living in a way that honors God.

Another element of developing a biblical worldview is the ability to look at other worldviews in order to understand them compassionately and discern the impact of their philosophy. By introducing our students to the ideas of the Great Conversation in our homes, we have the opportunity to discuss their concepts alongside the principles of Scripture.

Why does it matter?

The greatest commandments in the Bible call us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, love our enemies and pray for them, love our fellow Christians as Christ loved them, and love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We believe that loving God with all our mind means training our minds to think God’s thoughts after Him, to see the world as He sees it, so that we can love others as He loved them (and us) and be a blessing in the world.

That is a high bar, and one that we will not perfectly achieve. However, in teaching our children, we want to set God’s word before them and invite them to join us in seeking to continuously align our lives with His will — that is, to live with a Biblical worldview.

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