TAPESTRY of GRACE walks your family through recorded history over the course of four years. The topics we cover in each of our four year plans (and the reasons why) is one of the things that makes TAPESTRY special. Another is the fact that TAPESTRY year plans can be used multiple times.

What do we cover (and why)?

TAPESTRY of GRACE helps you and your students develop a Biblical worldview, studying major developments in the history of Western culture.

Year 1: The History of Redemption

  We begin with the study of the unfolding story of redemption, starting in ancient Egypt. We learn about the establishment of the people of Israel under the Judges, the advent of the kings of Israel, their descent into captivity, the clash of ancient empires, the rise of Alexander the Great, the spread of the Roman Empire, and the world at the time of Christ. We complete the year with the study of the Roman world in the time of the early church.

Year 2: Between Ancient and Modern

In our second year, we learn about the amazing changes that led up to the modern age. We begin with the fall of the Roman Empire and the effect that it had on the people of Western Europe. We study the efforts to rebuild civilization under feudalism. In the midst of this, we witness the impact of the Renaissance and Reformation as new discoveries and explorations open new worlds. We follow the colonists across the ocean to the New World and see how their affairs were still very involved with those of the Old World. As the year concludes, we learn how thirteen very different colonies united to form one nation, under God.

Year 3: The Nineteenth Century

Some may notice that we only cover one hundred years of history in this year plan. That’s because they were packed! Not only were there many significant events in history — from the discoveries of Lewis and Clark to the conquests of Napoleon to the spread of the British Empire under Queen Victoria to the unification of Germany and France to the Civil War in the United States to the gilded age following reconstruction — but there were also significant developments in worldview. Darwin, Marx, and others voiced ideas that would have radical impact on the world.

Year 4: The Twentieth Century

We conclude our study of history with a survey of recent events, from the casting off of the moorings in the early twentieth century through the depression era to World Wars to the rise of the counterculture to the world of today. We continue to trace the impact of ideas on the world. Our program traces themes from the beginning through today, helping students learn to see current events in the light of history.

Reusing Year Plans multiple times

TAPESTRY Year Plans can be reused as your student grows and develops. Here is a short video that illustrates how this works.


Remember that your plan can be reused time and time again if you have multiple children! Since each Year Plan includes assignments for all four learning levels, our program grows with your students and your family.

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