How is it that one curriculum works so well for so many hands-on homeschool families? It is because TAPESTRY of GRACE is flexible! You can make it work no matter what your family’s size, age, or situation is.

Sequence of Unit Studies

Our plan takes a chronological approach to the study of history. While this is our preferred approach, years and units can be studied in any order. Tired of the Ancient World? Start in Year 2 with the medieval world, explorers, the colonial era, and the American Revolution, instead. Do you want to spend more time on the Civil War? Spend two weeks on every one of the year plans.

Feathering Between Levels

In keeping with principles of Classical Education, we believe that students grow from one stage of learning to another. Our plans provide appropriate assignments for four learning levels that grow with your student over the years. We recommend that students move from one level to another as they move from one school year to the next.

However, students don’t always make the leap from one level to another on schedule. Our plan lets you decide when they are ready to move up. Not sure if your students are ready for more advanced studies? Let them try for a week or two!¬†Since you have all of the assignments, you can step them back down if it is too much for them.

If you have a gifted student or one with special needs, you — their teacher — can adjust their assignments to give them the appropriate amount of challenge to keep them growing. We provide you with a full range of assignments, and encourage you to make it your own.

Mix and Match Subjects

TAPESTRY of GRACE includes assignments for history, literature, church history, arts and activities, worldview, and writing for all levels. You can use as many as you want. Any assignments from the TAPESTRY curriculum will work with the others, enriching your student’s studies.

Our flexibility means that you can choose to put your students on different levels in different subjects. A seventh-grade student may be ready for dialectic History while still doing upper grammar assignments in Literature.

Do you want to put a strong focus on teaching History? TAPESTRY lets you focus on the History assignments and spend less time on other subjects (possibly even avoiding them completely).

The Perfect Plan for DIY Parents

Ever considered writing your own curriculum? Many parents have told us that they were considering this before they found TAPESTRY. We lay out a flexible framework that saves you hours and hours of work. We love it when people take initiative and make our curriculum work for their families.

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