Love books?

With Tapestry of Grace, you’ll learn from many delightful, living, in-print books. Charlotte Mason would love it!

Many books.

Why do so many books? We believe that reading from whole books (as opposed to textbooks) is a wonderful way to both teach and captivate the attention of our students. We carefully select books that are appropriate for the student’s learning level and that bring the topic to life. Usually, we recommend several books per topic. This lets you read about the general topic and the wonderful details that enrich your studies. With thirty-six weeks of assignments for four learning levels, this can be a lot of books! For us book-lovers, that’s a good thing.

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Delightful books.

When picking books, our first question is, “Would we want to read this to our own kids?”


We choose books that blend academic information with beautiful presentation. The books are picked with the learning level of the student in mind.

For the students who are learning to read (lower grammar), we pick beautiful books with lots of full-color pictures and a small amount of text. These are designed to be a joy to read aloud to your little ones!

For your young readers (upper grammar), we balance the picture-to-text mixture, giving your independent reader more to read as their skills grow.

For younger teens (dialectic), we choose books with more text than pictures and assign more extensive reading. These books capture your student’s interest and challenge them to broaden their understanding of the world.

For older teens (rhetoric), we seek to read from the original source material and other Great Books, where possible. Our solid, academically rich materials will challenge your student to read broadly and deeply, applying what they read to their discussions and writing assignments.

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Living, in-print books.

Reading whole books is wonderful — if you can find the books. At Lampstand Press, we work diligently to make sure that the books that we assign in our curriculum are currently available in print. Every year, we publish updated reading lists for customers who have purchased from us. Yet another reason to get your curriculum from Lampstand Press!

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Want to know more about our books? You can browse the titles included in our program at Bookshelf Central. At Lampstand Press, we work diligently to make sure that we are recommending current, in-print books, as a service to you. Whenever we replace a book, our Book Update Charts show you what was replaced and how that affects your curriculum. Book Update Charts are available for free to our direct customers and at a small fee for those who bought Tapestry curriculum used.

Charlotte Mason would love it.

Charlotte Mason was an early proponent of a hands-on approach that moved away from textbooks to more direct interactions with the real world. We share the same philosophy, especially for our younger students.

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