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Lampstand Press publishes plans of study for homeschool families.


TAPESTRY of GRACE is an award-winning plan of study that helps parents provide a Christian, classical education using a guided unit study approach. The history of the world is the core organizational theme of the curriculum. Our four YEAR PLANS provide detailed lesson plans and discussion outlines that enable parents to be their children’s primary teachers and mentors as they shape their student’s biblical worldviews.

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TAPESTRY Primer provides a wonderful introduction to the TAPESTRY approach to learning through guided, historically-sequenced unit studies. Over the course of the year, Primer covers the highlights of history at a K-2 level for students who are learning to read. Primer provides parents with a selection of great read-aloud books and enjoyable hands-on projects that introduce history for little ones (and help parents fill in the blanks, as well!) Envisioned as both encouragement for the new teacher and delight for the young student, Primer provides a terrific introduction to TAPESTRY.

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Literature Studies for Young Adults

Literature Studies for Young Adults, or LiSYA, applies the concepts of Poetics to dialectic students. Available for Year 1.

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Lampstand Press publishes supplements that enrich or simplify the use of our curriculum. These supplements dovetail with year plan assignments and are sold by year.

Map Aids

Map Aids are beautifully drawn, properly-scaled sets of maps (by learning level with teacher’s keys) simplify the process of studying geography and making connections. Teachers and students of all learning levels who are using the geography component of TAPESTRY of GRACETM. The convenience of Map Aids makes them a very popular supplement.

Map Aids include printable, custom-drawn maps and answer keys for geography assignments in a year plan of TAPESTRY. MAPpacks are convenience products for families that own a year plan. These include the printed student maps.

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Evaluations provide history tests, quizzes, and answer keys that correspond with TAPESTRY. Weekly quizzes, quarterly unit-end tests, and annual year-end exams build test-taking skills. Tests aren’t always fun, but the skills are important to master. Many use Evaluations as reinforcement workpages to help show that the student has grasped the material for the week. Anytime you need to assign a history grade, you’ll have what you need with Evaluations.

Evaluations provide:

  • A history quiz per week per level
  • Unit-end exams (history and literature for older students)
  • Year-end exams
  • Answer keys

EVALpacks are convenience products for families that own a year plan. These include the printed student pages.

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Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz provides 15-minute audio summaries for each week of TAPESTRY, along with question cards designed to start great conversations with the whole family. Designed for dads who want to keep up with what the family is learning, these have been a great help to busy moms who listen to audio summaries on-the-go. Students love them too!

Pop Quiz includes audio summaries for a complete year of weekly plans. Each unit includes a 2-CD set and question cards.

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Planning Aids

Planning Aids provide daily lesson plans for teachers of grammar students (grades 1-6). Planning Aids show how to complete the assignments in each TAPESTRY week plan based on a 4-day week, 5-day week, and a 2-week schedule. Blank forms are provided so you can make your own!

Parents who are beginning to homeschool may wonder how to help their students break up their weekly assignments into daily tasks. Planning Aids make this process easy, saving time for busy teachers and providing models for students who are growing in independence.

Planning Aids include assignment charts for the lower grammar and upper grammar learning levels. Older students are expected to learn to allocate their own assignments.

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These bright, colorful folders are filled with activity booklets that match TAPESTRY’s grammar history assignments. These creativity assignments help hands-on learners bring history to life as it unfolds in their hands. Available in pre-printed kits or as digital templates.

Lapbooks are envisioned for upper grammar students, but many lower grammar students love them too (with some help)! Older students who enjoy tactile learning may also benefit from these enrichment resources.

The digital Lapbook Templates include:

  • Instructions for cutting out booklets and pasting them on the cardstock
  • Printable PDFs of the booklets pages

The printed Lapbook Kit includes:

  • Instructions for cutting out booklets and pasting them on the cardstock
  • Folded cardstock
  • Printed booklet pages

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Lampstand Press publishes study materials that accompany our curriculum. These are one-time purchases that can either be used with multiple years of the program, or are only needed for a year or two.

Writing Aids

Writing Aids are a writing handbook that covers all writing genres assigned in each TAPESTRY year plan. Used for the writing component of all year plans. Writing Aids are for teachers and students of all learning levels who are using the writing component of TAPESTRYof GRACE.

Writing Aids includes:

  • Teacher’s manual
  • Student notes
  • Grading strategies
  • Graphic organizers

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The Poetics textbook covers the nature, purpose, forms, and principles of literature, giving a history of literary movements, their connections to historical worldviews and more. Used for rhetoric literature for all year plans. Poetics is required for rhetoric level students who will be earning high school credits in Literature using TAPESTRYof GRACE.

Poetics includes:

  • In-depth instruction in Systematic Literary Analysis
  • Author biographies
  • Terms, charts, and diagrams
  • Analysis charts
  • Guide to metrical poetry

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Shorter Works Anthologies

The Shorter Works Anthologies are printable collections of harder-to-find rhetoric literature resources and assignments, with annotations and author introductions. The Shorter Works Anthologies assist rhetoric level students completing literature assignments in Year 2 or Year 3 of TAPESTRY of GRACE. It is not required for other year plans.

The Shorter Works Anthologies provide all rhetoric literature assignments that are not already included in the book list or in Poetics.

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Key Documents in Government Studies

Key Documents in Government Studies are printable collections of rhetoric-level government reading assignments in TAPESTRY of GRACE. These materials form the backbone of independent work for rhetoric students earning high-school credit in government. These materials are very helpful for rhetoric students completing government assignments for credit. This collection of documents saves time and effort by providing the correct segments and translations of documents.

Key Documents in Government Studies provides all assigned government readings in the year plans that are not already included in assigned books.

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Lampstand Press is committed to helping families meet their educational goals. We offer several types of training courses to help parents through all seasons of life.

Tapestry Teacher Training

Tapestry Teacher Training videos address various topics pertaining to teaching TAPESTRY of GRACE — a great help to new and veteran homeschoolers alike! The first two sessions are especially helpful for those who are just receiving their curriculum. Beyond these, note that there are individual sessions that address the needs of students on different learning levels.

Courses include:

  • Session 1: Out of the Shrinkwrap
  • Session 2: Lesson Planning 101
  • Session 3: Gaining a Vision for High School
  • Session 4: Grammar and Dialectic Students
  • Session 5: Teaching Literature All Levels
  • Session 6: Tailoring Tapestry to Fit
  • Session 7: Holding Socratic Discussions
  • Session 8: Developing Learning Skills

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Master Teacher Training

The Master Teacher Training videos are designed for a general audience and for parents seeking to enhance their skills in teaching using TAPESTRY of GRACE. Recorded by Marcia Somerville, these courses seek to equip home educators. Teachers completing all sessions can apply for independent certification.

Courses include:

  • Session 1: Foundational Goals
  • Session 2: More Students are Caught than Taught
  • Session 3: Daily Rhythms for Home Teachers
  • Session 4: Modalities: What They Are and How to Harness Them
  • Session 5: Leading Fruitful Discussions: An Introduction
  • Session 6: Asking Good Questions
  • Elective: Intro to Literary Analysis

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Lampstand Learning Center

The Lampstand Learning Center (LLC) is the online campus for TAPESTRY of GRACE classes as well as other electives. LLC classes offer a live, intimate, and dynamic learning environment for students all over the world. Families looking for help teaching key classes or who want their students to learn with other students, but do not have a local co-op. LLC classes are perfect for those seasons of life where sharing the teaching load is a blessing.

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